And there I am, a vaping beginner…

Having moved back to Europe, started a new job, I figured it was time for change. Prompted by a few new co-workers who are also using e-cigarettes, I made the leap to actually get into that whole thing as well. Being a total newbie at it, I had no idea what this entailed, except that instead of lighting something on fire, you used liquid and vaporized it.

I did run across something that looked like a normal cigarette in a store and on a whim decided to buy that instead of the pack of smokes I was going to get, and boy, was it something of a disappointment. It did get me my daily dose of nicotine, though, but other than that it turned out to be, well, not such a good thing for the price that was asked.

Having done a little research, I found that there was a store (oh heck, a vape shop, to throw some jargon around) near my house, and purchased a Kangertech E-Smart starter kit. It came with 2 complete e-cigarettes, and so my adventures in vaping began. I opted to have a liquid that resembled the flavor of real cigarettes to make the transition a bit easier. The store staff mentioned that this was one of the more popular kits and liquid combinations for a vaping beginner, so that pretty much settled that for me.

I’ll leave it at that for now, because there are many more things I want to write out about all of it, but suffice to say in the two weeks I’ve now been vaping, I haven’t touched a real cigarette. Well, once… when I ran out of liquid and wasn’t able to quickly get some more, so I resorted to smoking a real cigarette. All I can say about that is: yuck.

Ben van Staveren

A somewhat odd traveler, wanderer, wonderer and all-around sarcastic pain in peoples' asses, most of the time. Keeps busy with IT security, random acts of geekery, and other things that have nothing whatsoever to do with IT, computers, or electronics. Can currently be found residing in Jakarta, Indonesia.