Air Asia and how they fail spectacularly

Over the years I’ve spent quite some time flying around with Air Asia, and the recent plane mishaps notwithstanding I’ve always been quite content with their service. Granted, it’s a budget airline, so you are nickle and dimed to death on a lot of things, but often it’s convenient enough that it becomes a minor annoyance.

Not so much these days; sit down and get some popcorn, it’s going to be good… in a way!

My girlfriend and I decided we wanted to go to Yogyakarta this week, since it was a long weekend, and hey why not take a plane? So off to Air Asia for a booking. That went easy, but then came the first surprise – see, we hadn’t selected seats since it seems a bit obvious that a booking made for 2 passengers sort of implies you want to sit together. According to Air Asia however… nope, that’s not the case. The web checkin put us in the same row, but in non-adjacent seats. A bit odd considering that the seats they could have put us in to sit together were still free.

So it seems that Air Asia is using a little underhanded tactics to get you to go for seat selection, which of course costs you money. It’s not that much money, but it’s the principle. Eventually we decided okay, what the hell, we’ll just select seats and solve the issue that way.

Well, not really! After doing the seat selection, the Air Asia site kindly informed us that we would have to pay extra. Okay, that was expected. What was not expected was that they asked for credit card information on an unsecure webpage. A little checking later the discovery was made that Air Asia doesn’t seem to think an SSL connection is a necessity when asking for credit card information.

This is criminally stupid, and boggles the mind considering it must have been operating like this for a while. A few repeated tweets towards Air Asia have been met with nothing but silence.

So we still haven’t got adjacent seats…

Ben van Staveren

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