Websites that force you to create an account

Really… are the devil’s work. If I wanted to create an account I would, but if all the site does is offer up splash screens and gives you the choice to either log in or create an account all it will do is frustrate me.

Yes Duxter, I’m looking at you. “The fastest growing…” yeah, no wonder, if you force people to create accounts to see content that the community itself contributes! I don’t want to create an account, I just want to take a look around.

Force me to create an account if I want to comment on things. That’s when you give people that choice of logging in or signing up. If I can’t see your site without an account, then your site is useless to me.

Ben van Staveren

A somewhat odd traveler, wanderer, wonderer and all-around sarcastic pain in peoples' asses, most of the time. Keeps busy with IT security, random acts of geekery, and other things that have nothing whatsoever to do with IT, computers, or electronics. Can currently be found residing in Jakarta, Indonesia.