I’m really starting to dislike jobs.perl.org…

Not the site itself, but the job postings. See, I usually use jobs.perl.org to search for telecommute jobs, and while they’re not very thickly sowed, there are a decent amount of them around at any given time.

But then the fun starts… there’s always the job postings that have a list of requirements that nobody could possibly satisfy, or the ones that require years of working experience with a certain technology that hasn’t existed that long yet.

But the thing that gets on my nerves has been something that’s been going on forever; you see a nice job posting, for something that looks really interesting, and it’s something you can do to boot! So you see what is required to be emailed. Oh, okay, no cover letter, just a little something something about you, what you do, and so on.

So you set out to write an email, tell people about yourself, your Github activities and why you are the man for the job. (Read that as: clarifying that you do in fact know everything on the job post’s “you must know..” list). 

And then nothing. Not. One. Word. I can understand being busy, been there, done that, still doing it, and occasionally I’ll get a t-shirt – but really? Is it too much to reply to say “no thanks, position is filled” or maybe a “no thanks, we don’t think you fit our team”?

I guess it is.

And that is really something I consider bad. There aren’t many Perl programmers out there in the first place, even less who have turned it into a career. And if you’re looking for one, the least you can do is at least acknowledge those two facts. Treating it like just another job board where you can make your post and wait for the resume’s to flow in is going to cause you no amount of grief in the long run.

As for me, I’ve actually stopped using jobs.perl.org – it used to be a great way to get yourself a new gig, but these days it feels like time is better spent polling one’s existing contacts, at least they respond (positive, or negative) to inquiries.

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