The 4 stages of living in a foreign country

Stage 1: The Honeymoon

This stage of living in a foreign country lasts from your arrival, up to one year, give or take. This is the stage where everything is exciting, and new, and shiny! This is where you make lots of friends, where you stumble blindly into whatever traps have been set for you by native merchants, and you basically attempt to fit yourself in as best as you can.

Stage 2: Normalcy

This stage starts after the honeymoon, and can last anywhere from a few months to a few years, depending on how cynical you are. This is where things have settled down, you’re living a normal life, go out every now and then, you speak a bit of the local language, and you treat every day as just any other day in your home country.

Stage 3: What the fuck am I doing here?

This is the stage where things get weird. It lasts for a few months to a year, give or take. In this stage, you can’t help but compare things in your new country of residence to your home country, and you always come out finding your home country being better in every aspect. Electrical reliability? Home country never has blackouts. The way houses are built? Oh, in my home country its done so much better! Work conditions? People? The weather? It all sucks. People you know now get on your nerves, and you are giving more and more thought of returning back home.

Stage 4: Normalcy again

This is the final stage, where things have gone back to normal. You accept that the way things are done are the way things are done, you attempt a little change, but overall things have settled down and gone back to what’s considered normal.

Ben van Staveren

A somewhat odd traveler, wanderer, wonderer and all-around sarcastic pain in peoples' asses, most of the time. Keeps busy with IT security, random acts of geekery, and other things that have nothing whatsoever to do with IT, computers, or electronics. Can currently be found residing in Jakarta, Indonesia.